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Video is the biggest thing to hit the internet since the internet began. It engages more people than anything else online ever - almost 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every single day. Ask yourself, have you really taken advantage of this incredible opportunity? Have you created videos that are increasing your online sales? Are you willing to miss out on this chance?

Do you want to learn: 

  • how to present in front of the camera?
  • how to use a camera or smartphone to film?
  • what softwares can help you edit your content?
  • how to take your art career to the next level online?

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Once I learned the power of video, I set out to learn as much as I could to increase my audience, and to design videos that would lead people back to my website to buy artwork.

That’s what this course is all about.

As an artist for over 40-years, I know what it is to spend most of my time in my studio creating artwork, then taking it to galleries and shows and spending thousands of dollars on magazine advertising to get me in front of buyers. The problem is that magazines get looked at once or twice then go onto shelves. Sales through galleries and shows are not reliable and can be affected by any number of things, like pandemics or inclement weather. Not to mention, there’s the cost of the gallery’s commission, the costs of participating in the shows, and the traveling back and forth. The costs for the artists go up whilst the sales go down.

So are there grounds for hope?
A silver lining?
Is there a bright future you can look toward?

If you are not going to pursue galleries or shows or invest in magazine advertising, is there a possible future for you still as an artist? What does the prospect look like for you? For your family? Is there a way through this?

That's what I want to offer you in this course.

It’s a brilliant new opportunity; a bright, shining new future for you. This is not about creating a better, different or new magazine ad. It’s not about reaching new galleries or trying new art shows. It’s not about any of that.


This is about a whole new way to get your work in front of potential customers.

When we have a website with a gallery or online shop, we can be under the false impression that that is all we need. We’re online, so people should be able to buy our art, right? But, that is not the case. You need to funnel people to your website through many forms of promotion, and you need to convince them to trust you. Customers want to know you. People buy from those they know and trust. 
So how do you get these people to your website? And how do my customers get to know and trust me? That's the question I asked myself. Then I began to put the pieces together. 
I know that my art is good. 
I know people like my art. I know they are online looking for art. I know if they find me and learn about me, they will buy my art.
How do I show them who I am? Without a magazine ad, gallery, or art show? And how can I do it for less than the cost of a magazine ad? 

That is the goal. That was my quest.
How can I market myself online, bring people to my website to get to know and trust me, and then make a purchase from me?  
Is it possible?
That’s what led me to this point.
I learnt about the power of video to such an extent that I have made hundreds of videos promoting my business, communicating with my followers, and promoting other artists. I believe in and understand the power of video so much so that I built my business around it. But, just creating the videos wasn’t enough. I wanted to show these videos to as many people as possible. I began connecting with media companies and TV networks all over the world.
Now my videos are seen by 100’s of millions of viewers on TV networks in over fifty countries. My YouTube channel has had 10’s of millions of views. My socials have tens of thousands of followers. I am sending my artwork to buyers all over the world. I have hundreds of artists whose lives I’ve changed by the videos made and distributed for them. Now I want to share what I have learned with you. 
Video is the future for your online sales. 
Hope is on the horizon.
This is our new opportunity. 
This is our silver lining.
This is how we can change our future.
Think of all the years and all the effort you have put into promoting your art and selling it in galleries, shows, magazines. Now as you look at it all, the years and all the effort, think to yourself:
What am I gonna do with this new opportunity? 

This brighter future. A better future for your family. 

A better future for yourself. 

When I think of all the galleries closing and the magazines going under, it’s a little scary. I was thinking of all my artist friends, too. Those who have passed and who have no record of their skills. No record for their family.
It made me determined to find an answer. 
The thing about video, the thing that drew me in is, well… there were three things. I realized that video is the best way to tell our story. Telling our story helps the audience get to know and trust us and then be more willing to buy from us. Remember, people buy from those they know and trust. 
The second thing is that EVERYBODY is watching videos. On every single device. Every day. All the time. Think about it? How many videos have you watched today or this week?
And, the third thing is that the search engines LOVE them. Try googling someone. The first thing to come up will be a video of them. THIS IS HUGE. Never in the history of the world has there been a better way to tell your story. To enable your audience to get to know you better. To get them to trust you.  

We are going to teach you how to do this. 

You don’t need to hire an expert. You can do it yourself. We are going to show you how. No more packing up your things and traveling to shows or galleries. You have the freedom to be working from your laptop. Making more money online. 
I have gathered an incredible team and we are going to take you step-by-step through the process of making a video, promoting it, and distributing it. I have bundled up everything I have learned over the past ten years and put it all in this one course. Everything we've learned. My team and I. You get to bypass all the trial and error - to miss all the mistakes we made to get to this point. 
We have created dozens of videos and texts explaining the processes of presenting yourself, producing a video, promoting and distributing it. There are ten professionals who will take you through it step-by-step. We’ve designed this course for what will work for you as an artist. 
It's exciting because it's true. We have created this for every artist out there - if you have a website but you are not driving enough traffic to it to make your sales, then this is the course for you.
No special equipment needed.
We have broken down the loads of information into bite-sized modules that you can read and view as many times as you need. 
I want you to be able to do it all. I want you to be able to understand it all. I have created this course for YOU
Imagine what it would feel like to wake up every day and see the sales that came through your website while you slept? Day in day out. Imagine seeing a few more zeros at the end of your yearly income statement. 
This is your new opportunity. 
This is your silver lining.
This is how you can change your future.
This is the hope on the horizon.
I'll see you inside the course. 
        ~ Graeme Stevenson, OAM

Testimonials for Colour In Your Life

After ten years of creating episodes for television around the world, Graeme and his team has plenty of experience guiding artists to creating an incredible film that presents themselves and their art to a global stage. Check out some of the testimonials for Colour In Your Life to see just what going digital can mean for your art career.


Testimonial - Robin Hicks

'Recently I was filmed for an episode for Colour In Your Life. For me, it was a very worthwhile experience in many ways. Firstly, it was good to challenge myself as an artist and to work out ways to present how I go about watercolour painting in a clear, precise way yet keeping it interesting and fun.

Graeme’s interviewing style is light-hearted but also informative as he asked good questions which then led to good conversation.

Although I’m an established art tutor this was a completely new experience and I wondered how I’d go so initially I was quite nervous but both Graeme and Sophia were reassuring, fun, and professional, which helped me settle into the filming process very quickly.
I’ve had many inquiries for the online classes through my website and already sold artwork since it aired a week ago.
I’m very happy I did the show and thank Graeme, Sophia, and the whole team for an excellent result. If you want to take your professional art career to the next level, I’d encourage any artist to take the challenge and be on the show.' 
~ Robin Hicks, Season 21 | Ep 10

Testimonial - De Gillett

'The very best thing I could have done for my practice. Well worth the investment, and enormously validating for my work, especially as a tutor. These days, if you don’t have a strong online presence as an artist, you really won’t be taken seriously. And SO MUCH FUN working with Graeme and Sophia!
My experience with the Colour In Your Life team has been astonishing from the beginning. It was a very big decision to go with it, and I certainly thought hard about making such a large investment. I have been delighted with the outcomes thus far (only 9 weeks after my episode aired for the first time).
Those who had never heard of me until they saw the show are very keen and excited to learn more of my techniques and many advanced copies of my instructional DVDs have been ordered.
People considering coming to a class or workshop are finding the clip on youtube, and they see straight away if I have what they are looking for. This has resulted in my workshops teaching this technique being booked out solidly until May 2014. I have been invited to teach this technique in many far-flung parts of Australia, from Albany to Rockhampton and more.
The newsletter mailing list for Arts Tree, where I teach, has increased by 1000%. It took us several weeks to catch up with our overflowing inbox and respond to all the inquiries.
Many collectors, having now seen my work, have purchased paintings. In the first month after CIYL aired, 5 large paintings were sold, and that has continued with my current exhibition at The Manly Gallery achieving fantastic sales figures. Many of the enormous opening night crowd were there simply because they had seen me on the show.
There have been no negatives arising from allowing the wonderful Sophia, Graeme, and Jo into my practice, and I would do it again in a heartbeat. Thank you so much, team!
~ De Gillett - Season 5 | Ep 9

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